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Corelli Barnett - Audit of War - read & inwardly digest. It's available on Kindle and is both highly interesting and bloody depressing. Cited for you.

PS Google doesn't know everything.

PPS Zyklon B, which you've probably heard of was discovered by a chappie by the name of Fritz Haber, a German jew, whose wife shot herself in protest at the work he was doing in chemical weapons. At which point he yelled up to his teenage son to clean up the mess & buggered off to his meeting.. Lovely chap. Interestingly enough until 15 years ago my dad used to sell it - under a different trademark - the active is hydrogen cyanide - a metabolic decoupler. DO NOT handle this chemical indoors - you won't have time to regret it.

You won't find this on Google either - this little nugget has been kept *extremely* quiet as it doesn't fit with the narrative - it must be at least 20MM in irony (mm - mega-morissettes).

If you want the truth, the Internet is not always your friend.

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