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Leaked memo: No internet until you clean your bathroom, Ecuador told Julian Assange

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After trials, of course

He's flat-out guilty of bail jumping. He'll be in rent-free accommodation while being tried for that, slightly different rent-free accommodation for a while (3 months? 6 months? A year? Something like that) after being found guilty, then he'll be in rent-free accommodation in Sweden until his trial there. No-one is gonna let him out on bail again, he's the definition of 'flight risk'. Even if found 'not guilty' in Sweden (it is to laugh...) he's looking at months to years in rent-free government accommodations. Not quite up to the standards of his current rent-free government accommodations, to be sure, but rent-free government accommodations none the less. And, guilty or not guilty, the Swedes will almost certainly put him on an aircraft to Oz when they're done with him. If the US wants him (not likely), there will be an extradition request waiting on him as he steps off the aircraft, and he'll be on another aircraft bound for more rent-free government accommodations while he awaits trial in the Federal system. Which is severely backlogged, so he'll be waiting for quite some time. If the Feds wanted to be cruel, which is what the Feds do best, they'd keep him parked in some county sheriff's stockade awaiting trial right up to the limits allowed under 'speedy trial' laws, and then cut him loose. And deport his ass to Ecuador. He is, after all, an Ecuadorian citizen.

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