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MS fell because it was regulated by governments and stopped from squashing the likes of Android before it could threaten their position.

Nokia fell because it didn't control anything and made poor business decissions (it believed everything Steve Balmer told them).

Google is in the same posiition MS was in in the 1990s and early 2000s.

You look at Google now and it is Microsoft all over again, an OS built in hast to dominate and not to be maintained, built in features designed to stifle competition.

The EU is going through the motions to try and reign them in to let the next one through the door, as they did with MS.

They are as ineffectual as they were then, Google's raise was based on a new platform that the old beamoth of MS was not agile enough to see or cover off.

What is the next platform that could unseat Google as they unseated Micorsoft?

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