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The EU is a chance for people to access courts and protect themselves against their governments.

Its kind of like the right to bear arms, but effective[1].

[1] against the same level of tech, (no use when one side has the USAF and the other has rifles), however the weapon in the courts is the law, and you still have a chance, That why people want to take access to supra-national courts away from us.

I hope, you might advance an alternative means of effective defence against the scoundrels in power, post brexit, or having accepted that there is none, please, stop helping in this shameful disenfranchisement of our nation.

Back to the meat..

TomTom is a massive firm in the EU, seeming untroubled by the politicians.

Google - are Big and Profitable, doesn't mean the tech coming out of the chocolate factory is really any different from anywhere else. They hire from the same pool as the rest of us, and frankly the code coming out of there is less than earth shattering.

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