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"So this isn't about your choices today and whether the Google proposition is popular, it is about Google trying to make sure you don't have choices tomorrow. Is that lack of choice really what you want?"

They cant. Simply people buy what people want to buy. MS was unassailable, until it fell. Nokia was unbeatable, until it fell. And so on that people buy what they want and if the wonder of the world screws up they lose share of the market. Google dont own the sim tech, nor the airwaves, not even the handsets as apple does. The chips are available and god knows how many hobbyist phone attempts have been made.

I pack an IP68 dumb phone. With the storming of the market by Google and Apple and an attempt by MS even dumb phones are still available. This isnt about ensuring choice this is punishing success. If the politicians believe they know better they can go make their own private sector offering and see if anyone is interested.

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