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We do. Look up the "screwy" strike for one example. Triumph "Innsbruck"

Or the one where a whole coal mine went on strike cos they didn't like the tea lady. In wartime no less.

That's what it was like in the UK in the historic times BE (Before EU).

and companies won't tolerate strikes like Stokes and Edwardes. They'll be out of the country before passport control sees them coming (I'm thinking Asterix, Obelix & a really big menhir dropped onto the booth in passing... or the Japanese management offering Toyota's UK management ceremonial Katana or Tanto as a "broad hint"...)

You may not like it but if you want a job in the UK any time in the next 20 years that doesn't involve shovelling grandparent poop and listening to interminable stories about "what I did before Abingdon MG shut down & my part in its downfall..." - I'd be begging to stay in; If only because it gives the sub average cretins who'd previously joined a Union as a professional shit stirrer, someone for them to aim their bile at

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