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The keyboard warriors here who lack the same level of courage or morals should be ashamed.

Sorry kiddo, but in my considerd opinion, Assange has no morals and certainly no courage.

If I'd coaxed Brad Manning into doing what he did, I'd be sat in the cell next to his. When Chelsea Manning was released, I'd have been very pleased for her indeed. Julian is still hiding from his part int he whole affair because, I believe, he is a coward.

Don't lionise people and institutions so much, no living ones anyway, because they invariably turn out not to be who you thought they were - see generic lefites and Aung Sann Suu Kyi.

So, yes, I lack his morals and level of courage, because I actually have a moral framework, and the balls to back it up when called to account.

I can't make up my mind. Are you actually Julian, or just his pussy? (come on mods, the goal was open, I had the ball....)

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