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UNIVBE and Scitech Display Doctor.

Yes, I remember those days, but I have no idea of the timescale. I do remember, though, having monitors with post-"Standard Definition" resolutions about 15-20 years before people started buying HD TV's.

They never understood why I wasn't at all impressed.

Hell, I remember running... Fractint? In ridiculous resolutions. And a DOS program called "display" (which is non-existent now and impossible to Google) that could utilise those ridiculously high resolutions that monitors were capable of back then. Until you hit the one res that was a little too much and your whole screen spocked out trying to show it (no "Out of Range" messages in those days, just a monitor slowly damaging itself...)

I still have a Philips 105S that I used extensively in those days. It still functions some 20 years later as a CCTV monitor, and the picture is as clear as the first day I turned it on.

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