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I can see only one major advantage to leasing versus buying the product outright. The moment a Win10 update bricks your machine you call up the leasing company & demand they replace it with a brand new, fully functioning unit or cancel the lease "because I'm leasing a *working* computer, this one isn't working, so bill Microsoft for their cockup."

You get a new computer, the depreciation starts fresh on the new one, & the leasing company is stuck with the repair bills. They *may* try to stick you with an "equal value unit" that turns out to be refurbished, but you can cite the fact that the lease was for a brand new unit not a refurbished one, thus they either send you the brand new one or cancel the contract.

Otherwise I agree with the sentiment that buying it outright makes more sense (cents). Especially if you put it on a credit card that offers warranty guarantees that any problems the seller refuses to fix allows you to give it to the CC company, the CC company refunds your money, & then turns their legal hounds loose on the seller.

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