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3) Sync copies of that data to a "real computer" (desktop, laptop) with nothing more expensive or tethered than an occasional serial connection.

All great and much missed but it's this last virtue where Palm really excelled.

All the POS phones I have ever had (Sony, Samsung are you reading this?) failed miserably in that department with the sole exception of the neat Motorola StarTac, albeit with a software/serial connector combo you paid through your nose for.

The Blackberry 7.x series do not count as, incredibly enough, it actually did not come with address-book software for the desktop and left you to depend on MS-Outlook. 8^/

It's been eons since I purchased my first Palm and still use one (IIIxe) with the J-Pilot software under Linux and the Palm Desktop software in my netbook.

At one time I even used it to send short/basic e-mail (dial-up days) with my StarTac till the carrier decided it was game over and had to pay data fees.


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