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"I've given up on Skype, on the Mac. It insisted I update it and all I get is a window with nothing in it. The buttons are all there but if you click on the wrong one or the wrong bit of the screen it borks the whole thing.

I only fired Skype up to try and help my wife out who was having trouble with it on her work Windoze box and needed a separate user to troubleshoot it.

So it's WhatsApp or nothing..."

Whatsapp or nothing? Did your Skype managed to break your mac completely or something?

Regardless of the condition of your mac,

Have you tried using Skype for another platform?

Have you tried using Teamviewer to directly fix the problem?

Have you tried using any other chat/video chat alternatives?

Have you tried using your phone to call?

Seriously, the only thing that is x or nothing would be my clothing. Either I'm wearing something or I'm wearing nothing.

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