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At the time of that particular virus spreading I was working for a firm doing some tech related planning. We were using outlook and hit quite hard when one just person was sent it. Whilst IT were cleaning everything the rest of the place descended on the local public houses. We had an afternoon spent doing not much except trying different beers etc. Then returned to the office to collect our things at 5:30 whereupon some people went back to the pub. IT support told us that they had cleaned all our mailboxes/computers and beefed up the mail filter.

Everything was fine after that except a few months later when we all started to get these emails again. IT were a bit annoyed that it had made it through the mail filter The culprit was the Intern mailbox which was only used when we had an intern. There wasn't an intern at the time so the mailbox never got cleaned. One of the staff left immediately for the pub when the first email appeared. He was called back before he could order anything to drink.

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