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Virgin Media? More like Virgin Meltdown: Brit broadband ISP falls over amid power drama

Oh Homer Silver badge

"I’m cut off from important things I need!"

Ah, the battle cry of warriors bravely fighting First World Problems®.

Dammit, Janette, I wonder how you would've survived in the 70s. You know, pre-Internet. Pre-everything, really.

We used to have to walk 200 miles to work each day, and it were uphill both ways, etc.

But seriously, I fully sympathise with people paying for stuff that doesn't work, and strongly endorse the implementation of service level agreements to compensate you when it breaks, but unfortunately the plastic modern world in which we live would simply collapse entirely if legislators mandated that everything had to work perfectly all the time - or else.

So rather than whining about teh internets being brokeh again, as it (and everything else) is on an alarmingly regular basis, why not just chill out, drink a beer and read a good book?

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