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Re: "It has been a hellish couple of weeks for the Windows giant"

Exactly. An update that kills audio? Thanks, that won't hurt my screen reader at all, now will it? Fucking microsoft.

At least the sighted folks can see to interact with their computer to roll back the MS fuck up & restore their audio subsystems. Screen reader users have to take their "dead" computer to places like BestBuy, let the GeekSquad work on it to fix it, & then pay the Danegeld to get a working computer back. All to do it all over again the next time MS fucks up & fucks over our computer.

And people wonder why I say Win10 isn't fit for purpose? I should be able to make MS pay for every trip to the fix it shop to "bring it back from the dead" because it's an expense I wouldn't have to pay had MS bothered to do Due Dilligence & actually, you know, test their fucking code.

*A double handed TheFinger at MS & hopes they get mauled by an angry mob of their users*

No I don't use Win10, I don't dare "upgrade" to that pile of festering shite, I can't afford the constant repair bills it'll generate every time MS fucks up!

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