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Scanning an Exchange server for a virus that spreads via email? What could go wrong?

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Very common! A short while after the ILOVEYOU outbreak I was working for a "famous insurance company" that was (mainly) based in and named after the city I lived in (Norwich). We used remote access from our base in the city centre to the servers in the "lights out" data centre server farms four miles away out on the outskirts. It was fantastic!


...only for a weird value of "fantastic" that meant that...

...the lights in the server farm were never actualy out because remote access was bloody slow and, for "security", sessions were set to always time out after 15 minutes which, due to the slowness of the network in general and remote access in particular, meant that you barely got more than 20 mouse clicks and 10 fields filled in remotely before the whole thing shut down on you (if it had managed to stay up for the full 15 minutes, itself a rare feat). So, it was often quicker to catch the regular company-provided shuttle bus to the data centre and go and access the server non-remotely (hence the lights never being out as the data centre was full of pissed off people all doing the same non-remote thing).

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