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No, NT3.5, NT3.51, NT4.0, Win2K, XP and Win2003 server NEVER this bad. Vista was bad but gradually improved, finally sorted by SP called Win 7.

Win ME was broken from start. Only solutions were either Win 98SE (if gamer or HW/RAM no good for NT), or NT4.0 (Business only) or Win 2000,

Win 3.x gradually improved to WFWG3.11 with Win32s, VFW, 32 bit disk and MS 32bit TCP/IP.

Win 8 was stupid.

Win10 is abuse of users and a worse backward step than Vista or ME. GUI wise, they forgotten everything learned since Win3.0. It's a failure on configuration & management with settings all over the place and sometimes looking like text, or now command line only (Net Users command needed to add new local users with no MS account on some Win 10 versions),

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