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Besides, .NET "killed" COM so for the last 20 years COM hasn't been cool, meaning we have a new cohort of developers who can re-invent this wheel all-over again and think it's new.

They didn't kill it off, they just wrapped it! Many years ago I was paid money to write a tool to automatically insert graphs of process data into a powerpoint slide deck.

There are many easier "open-source"-ish ways to do this, but no, this tool *Had* to be 100% pure Microsoft+Windows. So, .NET is was, except, except: For some critical functionality, possibly the creation of the graph object, one had to burrow down and call COM "By Hand", using the ancient windows "handle"-syntax and all!

I wonder why is this industry seemingly so uniquely susceptible to this tendency to reject the past instead of learning from it ?

Most IT projects fails miserably. People don't want to remember stress, failure and pain so they eventually become Pavlovian-Conditioned to always "look forward"?

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