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yeah, and from the article:

"The Windows Runtime (WinRT) is a noble attempt to replace the grungy C-based Win32 Application Programming Interface (API) with something delightfully object-orientated in C++"

El Reg: I hope you had your *snark* hat on when you wrote that. See icon.

From what I saw, it is *WORSE* than ".Not" with it's bass-ackwards "oh look, we have OBJECTS now" approach.

The worst programming assignment EVAR (for me) was cleaning up code written by a drunk [who was a partner in the company at the time he wrote it, and was subsequently bought out - did I mention he had once worked for SAIC doing 'bill by the line' stuff for them?], in Borland C++, for Windows 3.x, in which the author had "discovered" that C++ had *CLASSES* in it!!! So you can guess that EVERYTHING was a class, and interestingly enough, they were so bit-fiddly with one another's internals that you'd have to reboot that poor Windows 3.x box every time you ran the application, because the resources would be depleted. (I managed to get it working anyway, to an acceptable level, with only occasional resource leaks)

And so, when I hear about Windows RT's "wonderful world of objects" or whatever, I spit up my coffee all over the keyboard. Replace Win32? With *THAT*???

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Yeah, I hope you had your *snark* hat on!

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