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I can see your point about the long battery life making an underpowered device more useful, but consider two points:

1. This chromebook has a ridiculously overpowered processor for the processing it can actually do. If they included a processor that ran with less power, it would run for more time,

2. I like long battery life too, which is why I look into computers with processors that can standby or sleep in many conditions, then load them with operating systems that don't thrash them. I can still do real work on them, rather than be tied to my internet connection. This also helps my battery life because I can shut down my WiFi and bluetooth radios to save even more power when I'm not using those services. I have a laptop that I was recycling for someone else, with a really low-end AMD chip in it. It can run forever with a minimal Linux install, even though it has a smallish battery. I think this one was very cheap when it was bought new, as well (although I doubt the battery life using its preinstalled windows was so nice).

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