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"I'm confused about the bitter clinging to the headphone jacks"

I don't know what's so confusing about it, personally. For many use cases, nothing beats the wired headphone.

"There are plenty of Bluetooth headsets and earbuds that are so much better than their wired counterparts for use with portable devices"

Perhaps there are -- but I haven't seen them. The battery life is the major problem with them, but they have further significant issues such as unreliable connectivity (especially in noisy environments), reliability issues, etc.

There are lots of people for whom bluetooth is a perfectly acceptable solution. There are also lots of people for whom it's not. When that latter group has to use bluetooth, they justifiably complain about the degradation of functionality.

When you combine that with the fact that pretty much every reason manufacturers give for getting rid of the jack has been bullshit (the only reason that makes a lick of sense is the one they never say: they want to shave a nickel or two off of the production cost), you can perhaps understand why this becomes a contentious issue.

Personally, a device with no headphone jack is a device that is much, much less desirable because it would require me to have to carry a second device in order to enjoy music.

And yes, I also strongly prefer a corded mouse over a wireless one.

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