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Does Google make hardware just so nobody buys it?

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its DOA. Period.

And, I might point out, orphaning "premium" consumer products is the kind of BS that happens when a firm has lost touch with it's customer base and is in the first stages of decline. This is the kind of BS that HP did over and over again on their way down. At some point, enough people have been jammed that trust is lost. We will use your search engine (or printer), but we wont by your digital entertainment center, or your wearable, or any other high priced digital device that you really have no intention of keeping... much less supporting long term... unless it is a huge hit.

Sony did this a few times, and I stopped buying their stuff. HP did this MANY times, and I stopped buying their stuff. Google is going to learn just how fickle the public is. I know that this is probably not meant for "the public", but just noting the typical hubris that results in a company's downfall.

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