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I went with Quad9 ( in the first two slots and OpenDNS in the third. That way, I get more redundancy without giving OpenDNS the full picture.

Adding to my wish list, I would really love it if I could route DNS queries based upon the type of content being requested, but that would be really elaborate to configure, even with a good categorization service.

It might also be nice if there were browsers that would do their own DNS queries to different DNS services depending on whether in privacy mode or not--rather than only using the O.S. resolver. It would be nice if Firefox would make it easy for someone to write an add-in for this.

Supposedly, OpenDNS is slightly faster, but Quad9 is promises a higher level of privacy (with regard to your DNS queries. They both perform well though as they, like CDN's, are not actually geographically anchored.

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