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Does Google make hardware just so nobody buys it?

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It's simply the Google's hate for "personal" devices.

Google can't understand personal devices running local software. It's trying to build them because others, especially Apple does, but it's wholly outside their DNA something working locally on local data.

So they can put an i7 inside, but will still need to run something that calls some remote Google server to perform anything. Android wasn't developed at Google, otherwise it would have looked much more like ChromeOS. Data slurping is not enough, everything must happens on Google's servers - were, BTW, competition can be even controlled better.

That's why they didn't replaced ChromeOS with Android.

Apple, from this point of view, care far less about you doing everything on Apple's remote servers - as long as they can sell you Veblen goods, it's fine if you keep you work locally. Sure, they will slurp some data, just they are not obsessed doing it.

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