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Mike Shepherd,

There is no contradiction in your post. You criticise NASA for ignoring warning signs - or more accurately dismissing through wishful thinking - and that leading to accidents. And then complain that exactly the same point is being made about Roscosmos. They've been having an increased number of accidents on non-manned missions for over 5 years now. Their currently in orbit Soyuz has a hole in it, because someone in the factory accidentally drilled a hole in the side, and literally covered it up with expoxy.

If that's not quality control issues, then I don't know what is!

And now they've had a failure on a manned launch. Now it could be that their QC is better on manned missions, and they've been cutting corners elswhere. And this was just bad luck, as rocket science is hard. Or it could be that Roscosmos have got deeper problems - which to be honest seems most likely.

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