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It can be hard to find proper coffee generally in the UK. You can get it elsewhere so I know it can be done the coffee in NZ for eg is bloody excellent. I blame passive consumers. If nobody went to the big bland chains they would go out of business.

It's the same with unripe fruit in the supermarkets. Again having grown up in NZ I know what ripe fruit is and a vast proportion of supermarket fruit in the UK is vastly unripe. I adore apricots but haven't bought any in years, in the UK as they are universally small, hard and very, very sour. Pretty much the opposite of what an apricot should be and which I know it could be. The number of people who I have taught to recognise a good watermelon after they see me holding one up and tapping it with a fist (it should ring like a bell, if you get a dull thud, put it back). For cantaloupe type melons you have sniff them, no or little smell, put it back. The list goes on and it exists because British consumers are passive and do not demand ripe fruit or refuse to buy the unripe stuff.

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