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"Secondly, if countries in the EU do as they are told, how come it was possible to have a Brexit referendum in the UK in the first place?"

Hang on we are discussing the Irish border and it sounds like you have solved it. If the Irish dont need to listen to the EU then there need be no border if ROI choose not to as well!

"the EU has agreed alongside 160-odd other countries that, in the absence of a trade agreement between two countries then there must be a border with ports and customs inspection points."

Hang on. Is this an EU rule or a WTO rule. Because I am not convinced there is such a WTO rule but there very well could be an EU rule. But based on your suggestion above that ROI does not have to listen to the EU the problem solves itself. I disagree as the ROI is in the EU so the EU speaks for them (hence why the negotiation is UK-EU and not UK-ROI).

"claim the solution is to not have any border or customs inspections, that would be against the WTO rules"

Except it isnt. WTO may be an issue over discriminatory practice but not border (as far as I am aware the WTO does not require a border.

"The EU is not going to waive that rule as they are signed up to the WTO."

It was funny watching Rees Mogg have that long named idiot on the ropes over this (the same one who broke rules stalling negotiation because he didnt like UKIP being in the room). The video is on youtube.

"The Japanese offer is an invitation to start negotiation after Brexit"

Why negotiate after brexit? We can negotiate we just cant sign.

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