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but I am concerned about 'things made in China' a bit more than I was before

The problem is, you might be more concerned but there's little you can do about it. It is almost impossible to purchase any modern electronics that are 100% free of anything made in China. Off the top of my head the only computer not made in China is the iMac, which is made in a factory in Cork, Ireland - but the motherboard is almost certainly made in China, and many of the chips on it would come from mainland China or Taiwan. Pretty much impossible to buy a wifi router that wasn't made in China, you might find some phones and TVs made in South Korea instead but almost certainly some components in them come from China...

Of course like I always say, given a choice between being spied on by the US government or by the Chinese government, as an individual I choose the latter (obviously I'd choose differently if I'm talking about systems the DoD is using) The way I figure it, if the US government doesn't like what I say or do they can make my life a lot more miserable than China's can if they don't like what I say or do. And since I live in the US, and not China, the US government is a lot more likely to want to spy on me than China.

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