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Currently using the Series 2 and I’m wanting to buy the Series 4, however, as a lot of the improvements have appeared on my watch and the battery is still over 50 at the end of the day I don’t know why I need to just yet.

If it’s not for you then it’s not for you, and if apple isn’t for you then this is never going to find it’s way to your wrist.

If you can get over yourself and give it a go then you might find this a handy little bauble that cuts down the number of times you have to dig out your phone, try it, works as a watch and a great remote if you’re consuming media. There’s also enough sports apps to make it useful here, makes a great golf watch and the workout detection is a nice to have.

The only thing making me want to make the switch is the increase in memory, it’ll now take a decent amount of music, but then I know my earphones will play up when I switch devices. The only improvement I’d like is the ability to pair with more than one phone, it’s amazing the amount of checks my work iPhone gets compared to my personal one.

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