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Anybody else had experience with a Garmin watch vs the iWatch? I've got a Garmin 645 Music with an Android phone and found it to be superb but at about half the price altogether. The Bluetooth connection is rock solid and it's really handy to see who's just texted or rung you without getting my phone out. I put my phone on silent permanently now and know when my phones ringing from the watch vibrating. It lasts about 4 days for me with everything turned on (manufacturer quotes 7 days in watch mode). I also now leave my phone at home when I go for a run, which gives an additional sense of freedom, and can listen to music or podcasts via Bluetooth headphones. Spotify is also available in the USA now I understand and promised soon for the UK. If you bank with Santander in the UK you can also pay with your watch, which still impresses people in pubs and shops (also doesn't have the annoying £30 limit that your contactless card does). Overall very happy. Does anybody else think that the Garmin experience is better or that I would have been better with an iWatch?

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