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Dutch cheesed off with Russians, expel four suspects over chemical weapons Wi-Fi spying

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Well done.

Congratulations bandit1, here is the bandit2 password.

You might have a cute and comical view of the Netherlands being a bit of a laugh about lawn order, since getting caught with a spliff by a cop isn't likely to involve a beating, but they are serious about high level crime.

It's not by chance that the international court is there.

You might also have noticed that the dark web sites that are infiltrated are often done by the Dutch cyber crimes team. Same for catching Russian hackers.

So I strongly suspect that if you or I, clever as we are, tried to play one of their investigtors at chess, we'd lose.

We'd only be thinking 6-10 moves ahead.

They're thinking several games ahead.

"and I'd run a second operation a lot more carefully in another location. "

What about this announcement implies that said operations are also not busted?

It's not like either side needs to announce what is going on.

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