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"Which foods and by how much?"

Lets start with the ridiculously easy one- chicken from the US is much cheaper than in the EU.

"look at the issue of food security and reliance on imports"

We are already there. We cannot provide enough food in this country for the people in this country. We already rely on imports.


Lets also ask why the US has a food poising rate thats nearly 10 times that of the EU, and thats according to the CDC.

What do you think the cost of transport would add to the chicken cost?

And given the wholesale price is €1.85 per kg in the EU and $2.02 cents in the US we are talking a difference of 10c per kg wholesale before you ship it to the UK.

So is that 10c worth it for animals raised thigh deep in faeces in appaling conditions and an industry with chronic safety and hygene issues?

And you answer to a weak policy on food security is to make it weaker!

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