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Take equal rights seriouslly, until it costs us money

1) It does have round faces, personally I prefer the modular display as give more useful information, pedometer / heart rate etc

2) I can normally get 2 days usage without charging, not a bit deal as it charges very quickly, I charge mine at work when sitting at desk. 18 hours is what Apple define but think they are under estimating, depends on your usage patterns.

3) Not sure why you really need LTE on the watch unless you really have to be in contact without your phone (I cant think of anytime I dont have my phone with me). Agree stainless steel models are very expensive

4) The devices do work very well together, if not looking at phone notifications come up on watch and vice versa. The apps works very well and the speed of the S4 is quite impressive.

You can also purchase 3rd party straps on Amazon that perfectly well with the Watch so no need to buy Apple's.

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