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"A lot of those are already forbidden on highways, so I'm not sure that's a great argument."

Motorbikes can go anywhere cars can go so for fully automated driving they'd have to be banned. Good luck getting that through parliament. And horses and bicycles are allowed on non motorway roads in the UK.

"You have to take into account the fact that aircrafts go ten times faster and can be fifty times larger."

An HGV is about the size and weight of a medium sized airliner and while it goes slower it also passes within feet of traffic going in the opposite direction. Any control system - ie a stick - that is less accurate than a steering wheel would pretty quickly cause a serious accident. Its a stupid idea plus the ergonomics don't work either - which side of the driver do you put it on? And what if some partially disabled drivers can only use 1 arm? Oh, you'd put it in the middle like an aircraft just so it can impale you in an accident and tire out the arm holding it? Nice one.

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