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"Name one law imposed on you by the EU"

All of them dictated by the EU and written into UK law. Otherwise May wouldnt be transferring EU laws to UK law once we have left and then trying to weed them out.

"How much of our GDP are they taking?"

This is tough to work out as it would not be a glorious utopia if such was asked. I found the following amusing. Not because of its result but the amount of assumptions required to guestimate if there even is a benefit-

"we have paid out over 850 billion to prop up our banks despite their criminal activities."

How much of that is the propping up of the banks which they paid back plus a healthy interest to the public coffers benefit? The alternative being what happened in the EU with high unemployment, sacrificing countries and even now are still behind in the recovery process.

"Cheating in the referendum? Hmm lets see, who is being investigated and fined for improper behaviour during the referendum again?"

Which group wont be investigated regardless of the same accusation of cheating? And is it not improper for a government to actively threaten its population just like Osborne did with the punishment budget?

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