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One thing we know is that here in the UK, we were very good at catching enemy agents and persuading them to work for us.

What is going on is that the UK and allies realised that the current crop of potential double-agents, just so neatly being served up just for the taking, are generally a bunch of bums that will only drain ressources and cannot be relived upon anything except to create vast troubles for The West, like, f.ex. Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi (codeword "Curveball"), Ahmed Chalabi and probably numerous others that we have not heard about yet.

See? Putins security state really *wanted* Western Intelligence to arrest and "turn" all of these non-performing agents into "assets", thus keeping "us" busy with nothing (at best) for a decade or more, with luck getting us into another debacle in the middle east or Asia.

Except, Our Side smelled the ruse and blew the setup onto the Internet, thus leaving the Russians stuck with their deadwood (and blocking the path for "our" representatives using one of them to get "us" into another stupid adventure).

Maybe our intelligence services are smarter than they appear to be?

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