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William Towle
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> Fairly sure the first pendrive I spent real money on was either 16 or at most 32Mb. It must still be around here somewhere but hell knows.

I've got a 32MB one somewhere, in a fairly slender form factor considering its age (albeit traded off against length). With luck you might get a slim modern one alongside it in an adjacent port.

At one of my jobs I lent it to someone and it ended up being used for some test or other because being old it was slightly more power hungry than most. I had to fight slightly to get it back into my possession!

...It's plenty enough for some minimal distros still; if I knew where it was I expect I'd find Tiny Core, possibly dual booted with FreeDOS, on it.

I found it in the bottom of a pocket one day and asking myself "what's that doing there" earned the response "what's *that*? Are you some sort of spy?" :)

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