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@Joe W - upvote from me. Aye, it's an annoying problem, right enough. Even jeans or trousers that do have actual pockets (ie: not bits of sewing masquerading as pockets but actually non-functional) tend to have pockets so snug that they're only "usable" standing up, or only for small soft items, certainly not hulking great phones.

For a while, I tended to put my phone in one of the upper, buttonable pockets of a shirt/jacket I'd bought, but when that phone died, the only second hand phone with a keyboard I could find that I could afford was too big to fit into that. Now I have to keep the unloved bastard piece of poorly designed technology in my handbag if i want to be sure I won't lose it in my everyday routine. Between stupidly large sizing and stupidly user-unfriendly software, it's almost as if they don't want people to use mobile phones, IMHO. Grrr..

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