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You said:

Instead of the border being between the UK and Ireland it could be between Ireland and the EU.

You which I said:

Have you asked Ireland their opinion?

Them also having sovereignty and that. Perhaps they don't want to leave the single market and customs union which works for them just to make life easier for the UK, when it was the UK which decided to leave.

To which you replied:

Yes we asked their opinion, there was a referendum. The United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland) are leaving the EU.

You say I'm the idiot (your gramatical error removed), but I'm afraid replaying the conversation back leads us to a different conclusion.

Yet again I dont think you quite follow the situation or are just being an idiot. We are currently still in the EU we cannot have other trade agreements. The EU doesnt allow it.

There was the word "will" in my original post. Perhaps that gives you a clue?

Perhaps the enormity of getting 700-odd non-trade agreements that the UK will be leaving agreed all over again as well as enough trade agreements to replace the current EU ones is finally dawning? What's it like realising you're on the wrong side of history?

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