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Expelling unwanted elements is just so much easier, cheaper and leads to less political mayhem than having to take care of them /ad infinitum/, meanwhile making sure their /own/ government does not sneak them a Finimal - on top of that it would only lead to raised eyebrows, voices and alert levels.

One does not need imagine the faux fury, ouraged threats and clouds of toxic hot gas the Kremlin would emanate at such a sleight of its preposterously exaggerated integrity - they have a well-documented history of hissy fits that make the average toddler stomping on the floor in Aisle 3 and screaming for Suckapops look like a completely reasonable human being in complete control of their emotions.

So. We merrily carry on with the Grand Plan to NOT poke the bear unneccesarily. The bear has gone rather hungry from growling at its neighbours, but its teeth are falling out and it has no more young to eat. Best to quietly let it starve in its cave.

I think it was Aesop who wrote about this, or perhaps was it the good Doctor who rhymed so appropriately that life with a bear is unbearable, however the case may be, it is not really as du jour for nations to provoke one anoteher as before the Great War, at least not on this side of the Blinis.

So, off our lawn with this lot, shoe and best not let us catch you again.

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