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I find the pockets in my Rohan shirts barely adequate for my Galaxy S5 (which I use for all sorts of things including navigation and, very occasionally, phone calls). I haven't yet found a pair of Rohan trousers (in a sale; you pay full price??) with decent side pockets. Generally need a waistcoat of many pockets, a bum bag, or a rucksack to carry stuff around.

I am currently stocking up on Paramo which have humongous trouser side pockets and quite respectable shirt pockets. Although the buggers stopped producing my favourite shirt soon after I discovered it.

However Rohan do a jacket which has so many capacious pockets I'm not sure if I have managed to use them all yet. Quite large enough for an 8" tablet (more navigation) and my largest wallet with a subset of my plastic card collection. Autumn through spring only, though, or I would melt. Looking forward to using it next time we fly as it has a similar capacity to carry on luggage.

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