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After trying to get away from Google/Android about 3 years ago along with a cellular provider change (Verizon to AT&T), and going with Window Phone 8.1 on Lumia 640's for me and my wife, it seemed a good move. It was her 1st smartphone after years of feature phones, and I felt more comfortable getting her up to speed on that platform (for a lot less money, $50 for a Lumia 635 at first) than the Androids of my experience over the prior couple years. Her experience was so good, I decided to make the switch myself from Android to WP, and we both got 640's at that point (under $100 - good enough). The built-in MS Office-ish apps and others such as for photography, messaging, weather, and navigating (Waze and Here Maps/Go for me) were good enough, and reasonably well integrated at that point, and there were just enough other apps to satisfy our rather basic needs/wants.

Then WP 10 came along, and it seemed to be disintegrating as it went along "upgrading" from WP 8.1 (in my testing - kept wife on 8.1), and never did get up to the usability of WP 8.1. So this year, after I got back on Android, then I got my wife switched over, and it has been a bit rough for her, but she is settling in with it. LG's mid-range phones for under $100 seem to do the job, and the MS android apps have eased the transition, but they just don't seem to work quite as well as the native version on WP 8.1 did. I am still dabbling with a Lumia 950 to see if it ever gets it together.

Oh well, hoping Purism next year will give a better option for me at least - my wife does NOT handle techno change well at all. Just hoping Android updates don't become a bigger challenge for her than Purism would be...

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