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Smaller and smaller

Except for the phones: they get bigger and bigger. And the SIM cards get smaller - go figure....

As lots of people remarked: I also have at least one 64 MB USB stick, several below or around 1 GB, I even have a USB music player with... 128 MB of capacity. Had to resolder the audio connector after a year or less (that reminds me: have to do that to my tablet as well). One of the smaller USB sticks holds my GPG key pair and the revocation files, and is archived at a semi-safe-ish place.

Oh, and to the gal complaining about sewn together blouse and trouser pockets: she-who-will-be-obeyed shares your pain, as do many of my female colleagues (those that do not walk around in the quasi-uniform of outdoor wear - _not_ the Jack Wolfskin skirt, mind you). And I have the same problems with new suits (the jacket, at least). And when I put on that stuff I constantly seem to forget my swiss army knife.

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