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"Lies and "alternative facts" - it's established fact that Banks was funded from Russia, one Leave group illegally funded the other, and Cambridge Analytica targeted swing voters.

The Remain campaign was guilty of an insipid campaign and forecasting the apocalypse in the immediate days after the referendum (then again the QE probably helped), but I really fail to see where lies are on the same scale as Leave's campaign.

I'd say threatening the country with a punishment budget if they voted leave is quite despicable, as is wheeling out world leaders and handing them statements to read out in favour of your side, as is spending more than the agreed amount to keep it fair right before the campaign started, as is lying that no other country would trade with us if we left, as is extending the deadline and encouraging more youngsters to vote just to prop up your side, lowering the age limit just for the vote because it favours your side. That's just what springs to mind, there were many more lies from remain.

Vote Leave should never have been fined. They followed to the letter the rules given by the Electoral Commission, who now admit they got the rules wrong - And they gave them a fine for doing as they were told. The head of the Electoral Commission should be out of a job for that and the fine should be rescinded since it is unjust.

"Liar. Any military arrangements, within the EU were always subject to our veto. But, we will lose that veto - so they can do whatever the hell they want."

You're in denial. Germany is already doing it and has been for a while now.

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