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One questions seems to have been missed

Why was Elemental targeted?

I haven't even seen anyone question why they would be targeted or what they do.

In fact AWS Elemental are a Cloud and on-premise Video processing, storage and monetisation company - i.e. they are in the TV world.

For the life of me I can't see why China would be that fussed about getting access to what TV show is being played on a random four letter TV station.

Does this mean that the BOFH-on-the-street should be more worried that a fundamentally random company got these motherboards?

Or, I am sure some will say, that it was to get into Amazon - so the Chinese knew that Amazon might want to buy Elemental before they did in order to design and insert components, with all required connectivity, not just the chips, sell them and have them shipped and used before Amazon started their due diligence. That would be impressive!

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