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Where can I hide this mic? I know, shove it down my urethra

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re. micro sd, etc.

I have decided to keep them in an ash-tray (sort of), and the usb stcks in a bowl. Neither close to the kitchen / microwave / neighbours' dogs / etc.

Now, what to do with those FUCKING cables!!!! I tried stuffsacks, I tried shoeboxes, but they obviously come alive at night, slither this and that way, and when you pull them up, they're all in a (...) entaglement, like they've been mating all night! (what do you get when you cross an hdmi cable and a micro-usb cable? Sadly, nothing more than a couple of very crossed cables :(

Yes, give me a solution to the cablegeddon and my life will become pure blissssss....

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