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Northern Ireland didn't get a vote - The UK did. The opposite of how the UK didn't get a vote during the Scottish independence referendum - Only Scotland did.

Of course Northern Ireland got a vote as did England, Wales, and Scotland. The results are available by region. Much like the referendum result itself (from those who bothered to vote) it was a tie, NI and Scotland voted in, England and Wales voted out. What gives England and Wales the right to a) dictate that there's a Brexit and b) it's a hard Brexit/no deal which is completely out of line with 52%-48% and 2 countries-2 countries?

Over 75% of voters at the last election voted for parties pursuing Brexit.

Nope. Labour is still resolutely sat on the fence, the government is a minority government propped up by the minority DUP in Northern Ireland.

It's not difficult buddy, we've had 3 votes now and you lost all 3. Move on and grow up you anti-democrat.

lol, you believed Aaron Banks, Cambridge Analytica, and the Internet Research Agency when they said it would be good to jump off a cliff and voted that we all jump of a cliff, why are you still angry, why aren't you happy you won?

Brexiteers are still angry Brexit isn't about facts, data, or information, Brexit is just a feeling. They know that they have no answers to complicated questions nor any inclination to find out because that might make them change their mind, and that's why they've got nothing but 'we won, you lost, get over it'.

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