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It's time to slap his hand and show him he went too far.

That's what they're doing. Against a nation that has no qualms about shooting down (or helping shoot down) civilian airliners, using its agents for overseas assassinations, killing or imprisoning domestic opponents, or using military force*, we can't do too much physically, and sanctions will be difficult to impose going into winter when the EU depend on Russian gas, and will in any event not be supported by China and the non-aligned countries. What can be done is to puncture your opponent's pomposity, sense of invincibility, and global reputation, so that's why there's shitloads of coverage in the Western press. Whether the press of the non-Western world notices is another matter, although I'd imagine all security services are having a good snigger at the Russians being caught red handed.

In terms of what's being reported, it's clearly spin, and "placed". Look at any mass market UK new source and the claims about uncovering 300 odd GRU agents identities from this. On the one hand it makes for a fabulous embarrassment for the GRU in the press, but the reported logic trail doesn't actually follow. To believe the Dutch incident led Western security agencies to details of vehicles registered to GRU addresses and then to agents would need to mean this rather obvious step hadn't occurred to them before, and/or they didn't know where the GRU operates from. Also, the security services never let on to what they actually know, so spaffing this to the press is clear indication that there's nothing in this that is new, and that the Russians themselves were not aware of.

* Yes, I know the West can be accused under most of these headings

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