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1 general election to get the vote, 1 referendum to get the result, 1 general election to confirm the result.

Wrong, it's a minority government propped up by the DUP for £1.5bn, which didn't represent NI's remain vote. The result was not confirmed, certainly not to the extent of leaving the SM and CU.

We have been in the EU a couple of decades and voted to leave because we were not happy with it.

See the Anywhere but Westminster series then come back to me.

Throughout the EU people are voting increasingly against the EU and countries (France for example) will not give the voters a choice because they will likely vote leave.

Not one right-wing populist party in an EU country in government or in coalition has any intention of leaving the EU or the eurozone. Greece doesn't either. Even they recognise it's not perfect but it's better in than out.

"Brexit is impossible to deliver"

Actually that is entirely incorrect as it can be unilaterally delivered with no requirement to get any agreement. We can brexit by our own choice to not participate in the project any longer.

Getting a deal might be harder, getting some fantastic wet dream deal might be impossible but brexit is very possible.

Brexit is possible but will fail. A deal in impossible. So reckons this expert (first link, second link), if you care to listen.

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