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They are actually nice machines to use, if you forgive their lack of physical connectivity. They are quite light, they fold small and carry easily. The screens are bright and clear, with enough memory and I7s inside they are powerful. As I mentioned above it has been my workhorse for almost 2 years.

They are far better than they are given credit for, except for the lack of ports.

The albeit expensive docking station allows to run a further 2 screens effortlessly. which is cool. It was my situation when in in the office.

We have about 10 of them in the company and we have had no failure on any of them so far. I replaced my keyboard after a little beer accident.

I have never seen anyone use the pen though.. And it's not very often that anyone uses the touch screen except for some minor Web scrolling.

I even played fortnits on mine but I wouldn't recommend that to anyone. The graphics card is really not great for gaming. It can handle Blender without a problem for the basic stuff.

I even bought my wife one, a SP3, she loved it. It was handy around the house, far better than a tablet due to it using a full OS.

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