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"Just the deluge of Brexit good, EU bad."

Probably as nauseating as the EU good brexit bad garbage.

"The EU is not perfect, I don't think anyone claimed it was, but the current political class in the UK however is a thousand times worse."

This argument is extremely poor. Assuming we have a terrible government how does it make anything better to put an additional and terrible government above it?

"The government is divided, the opposition useless."

I dont argue against that at all. Our socialist opposition is somehow more terrifying than the spineless and antidemocratic government. However that is not improved by putting the unpopular and in multiple self inflicted crises EU above it.

"The Brexit referendum itself was a vote on how happy people were"

1 general election to get the vote, 1 referendum to get the result, 1 general election to confirm the result. We have been in the EU a couple of decades and voted to leave because we were not happy with it. Throughout the EU people are voting increasingly against the EU and countries (France for example) will not give the voters a choice because they will likely vote leave.

"Brexit is impossible to deliver"

Actually that is entirely incorrect as it can be unilaterally delivered with no requirement to get any agreement. We can brexit by our own choice to not participate in the project any longer. Getting a deal might be harder, getting some fantastic wet dream deal might be impossible but brexit is very possible.

"has no upside that any rational economist can find"

With i am sure a very restrictive idea of rational (i.e. must agree with you). Apart from that there are arguments for and against economically but also politically and as a matter of sovereignty and survival.

"It's just Cameron's gamble to so the Tory party doesn't lose electorate"

True. UKIP got stunning support as Cameron got the majority he didnt expect on the back of promising a referendum that people have been pushing for and increasingly supporting for a long time.

"pointed towards the EU instead of where it should be, the government."

I dont disagree with that particularly. Our gov (Blair) decided to sell out the country and gold plate whatever EU laws into the UK in the hopes of being the EU president. He was scum. He would have sold his own grandparents. Continuing with our stupidity of being so under the EU may be what pushed us over the edge. Maybe if the gov were loyal to the UK instead of the EU maybe people wouldnt have been so badly against the EU. Maybe.

"And that is why I don't agree with the ridiculous laundry list of failure that you find the need to post every time there's a Brexit discussion. The EU is not perfect, but this bollocks is a whole lot worse."

So you dont agree with my laundry list of EU problems because you dont like it? That doesnt change the laundry list of EU problems as they are real problems. Finding remainers who even accept those very public crises is hard enough, and if they cannot accept reality then how can we take them seriously?

The laundry list is repeated because it is reality. You might notice I dont particularly stick up for the gov nor the opposition in our gov. I am not biased to UK good EU bad, I am honest. I dont particularly like this gov but I give them credit where due and disagree with plenty of their stupidity. And I do the same with the EU. I dont ignore ones failings because the other is worse.

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